What Makes Bogoshipo Unique?

Bogoshipo will be initially launched as a completely server less game. The client app will update the game state in increments to the blockchain. Every client will be able to perfectly rebuild the game-world using on-chain data. As the game becomes popular and more users get on board, there is the possibility of leveraging decentralized file-sharing platforms to offload computation for low-powered client hardware without sacrificing the ability to fully verify the game state.
Bogoshipo will be simultaneously released as Android/iOS/Win10 builds.

Breeding Algorithm

Bogoshipo's pet gene system and the breeding algorithm will create the widest, most shocking pet variants; with millions of colour permutations, thousands of Unity shaders, textures and patterns, and hundreds of varied body parts created by our formidable line-up of character artists. We are confident that our pet variants will surpass any other games in its class and create an exciting market for NFT collectors.

UX and Animation

Animations are what bring our pets to life and convince the carers that their virtual friend is a sentient being. We are extremely proud of our detailed bone animations, created by Moroccon artist Latifa Oubennacer. Our skeletal animations can be applied seamlessly to all future pet variants and will accommodate a wide range of body part sprites. This tremendously reduces costs and dev time compared to conventional sprite animations. Bogoshipo's UX aims to create an emotional attachment between the user and the pet. The pet will exhibit a variety of emotions, and user effort will be rewarded with affectionate gestures such as slurpy tongue licks.


Bogoshipo will have many mini-games within the main game. These games will challenge the player's dexterity and cognitive function. Winning points in these games will increase the pet's health and happiness quotient. We plan to add a p2e component into the mix.

Pet Memorial

Deceased pets will be immortalized in the “pet memorial” within the game. Users will also have the option of making custom designed NFTs as memorials on our upcoming platform eternally.live. Eternally will be an NFT platform where users can memorialize departed loved ones.

Gene System Explained

It is difficult to condense the entire gene system code in this section, but we will attempt to touch on it at a very superficial level. Every pet has a list of body parts and components that defines it. Every component has a set of variables that contain information about size, colour, and inheritability.


Above is a placeholder representation of how the pet will live inside Unity, the amount of data seems scarce because it is merely an illustration of the gene-based inheritance. As you can see, there is an array of BodyPart and another variable called 'InheritableBodyPartNum'. bPartNum is a number that is randomly assigned upon pet creation and represents the number of body parts that will be marked as inheritable. Inheritance evaluation will be dealt with inside BodyPart.


Other than the standard body part characteristics within BodyPart, there are two extremely important variables: Inheritable and InheritableChance. Inheritable is a variable that marks the body component as something that can then appear on the child. In other words: if Inheritable is true on Pet A but is false on Pet B, then the child will have Pet A's body part sprite with mixed characteristics gathered from both parents.
At this point, you might be telling yourself: Great! That sounds straightforward, but what is the chance for, and why does it exist?
Ref. to the table below:

Body Parts (inheritable chance)
Pet APet B
Body Type: 20%Body Type: 60%
Whiskers: 40%Whiskers: 16%
Ears: 50% Ears: 10%

Consider that all three components on both pets (Body Type, Whiskers, Ears) are marked as inheritable. How would we define which characteristics the child will inherit? The inheritance algorithm compares the chances of inheritance between both parents, making the child inherit characteristics that are part of the parent that has the highest inheritance chance. The child's inherited body part's chance will then be a random number given within a range of Pet A's body part chance and Pet B's body part chance.
To understand this better: A child gets Pet B's body type. A child's Body Type inheritable chance will be a random number between 20% and 60% (refer to values present in the table above).